It’s All In The Family

by elizabeth | June 21st, 2010

I am lucky.

Rather, I was born lucky.

I get to play music with my Dad.

Elizabeth and David, May 2010

I grew up listening to my father practice the acoustic and electric bass, and the trombone. He also sings. (Hmm… wonder why I’m a singing trombone player and my brother is a singing bassist?) Since I was in high school, I’ve been playing gigs with my Dad. His band, Swing Machine, is in demand throughout Vermont and New Hampshire for private functions, and I have learned a lot from playing with them. I’ve also learned a lot about being a bandleader by eavesdropping on phone conversations with prospective clients, band members, wedding planners, and venue managers. Dad is a consummate professional who takes his responsibilities seriously, but with a healthy dose of fun!

Of course, the best part of all of this is getting to make music together! What do you do with your Dad?

Happy Father’s Day!

4 Responses to “It’s All In The Family”

  1. David Westphalen says:


    Thank you. That’s incredibly nice. And I know you mean every word. I am very moved.

    I love you!

    Love, Dad

  2. What a beautiful tribute!

  3. Jessica says:

    Awww…so sweet. I think we have a talented family!!

  4. marcie westphalen says:

    Your Dad, your Mom and your family have always held a special place in my heart. Thanks for sharing this!

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elizabeth! is a vocalist, trombonist, and songwriter working in NYC and Los Angeles. Originally from Vermont, she studied neuroscience at Harvard before moving to NYC to play, tour, and record with jazz musicians, indie rockers, pop stars and more. Her new album of original jazzy pop tunes was just released on Canopy Jazz!

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