Meet the Brainchildren: Kickstarters!

by elizabeth | October 26th, 2011

I’d like to send a giant THANK YOU out to the wonderful people who believed in this project from the beginning, and cared enough to help fund it through Kickstarter!

Elizabeth / Brainchildren / Cover RGB

Aaron Jafferis
Adam Stewart
Alan Frascoia (he also took the cover photo!)
Alexandra Cosima Budabin
Alper Afya
Alper Yilmaz
Anders Pettersson
Andrew Dudley
Anne Charbeneau Zapanta
Anthony Accurso
Anthony Parisi
Art Amuso
Avi Weiss
Betty Dotson
Bill Mauchly
Cameron Harder Handel
Cameron Mizell
Carl Severance
Chris Potter
Christopher Boone
Clifford Chen
Colter McCorkindale
David Freyre-Cuebas
David Naggar
David Westphalen and Susan Dotson
David Windmueller
Dennis Clark
Dmitry Sagalovskiy
Donna Foster
Eli Aheto
Elianna and Nathaniel Barnett
Elias Sardonis
Emily Gregory and Dan Hopkins
Emma Berndt
Eugene Uman
Geoffrey King
George Voland
Gregg Kallor
Hector Aviles
Henry Do
Ian Stearns
J.T. Perron
Jack Steadman
Jane Mauchly
Janis Liebhart
Jeff Weinshenker
Jennifer Foster Chinn
Jess Porter
Jesse Neuman
Jim Mauchly
Joan Cross
John Kirkpatrick
Jonathan Baylis
Juno Lamb
Karl and Robyn Huck
Ken Bandes
Kiku Collins
Lara Glass
Leo Ferguson
Louise Holland
Luke McLoughlin
Mark Shilansky
Matt Marshquist
Matthew Cole
Matthew Von Doran
Micaela Zahner
Michael Fuerstein
Michal Bortnik
Miriam Adams and Roger Kohn
Neal Zondlo
Nich Anderson
Nicole Castonguay
Nion McEvoy
Noam Weinstein
Paul Lekas
Perrin Worrell
Peter Dotson-Westphalen
Pontus Rydin
Prashant Kumar
Rachel Feinberg
Radium Cheung
Randall Lucas
Samuel Buonaugurio
Sara Fitzsimmons Kelly
Sarah and Nikhil Mathew
Stephani Hutchinson
Steve Laniel
Sue Schlabach
Susan Biancani
Susan Davis
Ted and Ginnie Taylor
Teresa Crockett
Thomas Everett
Tim Gibbs
Verandah Porche
Walt and Vi Somers
Warren Stuckey
Winnie Li

Here are a bunch of the CDs ready to mail:

Kickstarter packages ready to mail

And here are the cookies in progress for some special backers (yum!):

Molasses Cookie Dough

Molasses Cookies

One Response to “Meet the Brainchildren: Kickstarters!”

  1. Adam Stewart says:

    I can’t tell you how awesome it was to get *your* CD (and yummy cookies) in the mail. The CD sounds great. I’ve always been impressed with your determination and incredible diversity of abilities.

    In conculsion, you rock.

    Much respect,

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