POOL PROJECT: August 19, Upper East Side

by elizabeth | August 21st, 2010

You never know who you’ll meet at a public pool!

Tonight, I finally went to a pool at an official lap swimming time. Fourteen pools have lap swim hours, from 7:00 to 8:30 in the morning and/or evening. I arrived to find the John Jay pool building under construction (note the outhouses!) and very confusing (no signs – I guess the people who come here are all regulars and know that the women’s locker room is up the steps?).

But once inside, I found naked women showering without qualms (this is the norm at the indoor pool during the winter… but not so much with summer toddlers running around!), and after my second guess at which door to use, made it to the pool deck.

Ah! Industrious lap swimmers! I’m pretty sure they were all doctors. Certainly pre-med students at one time … there was a giant poster with a bar chart tracking the progress of all the regular swimmers, in red for women and blue for men. These folks have done a lot of swimming this summer!

It really was gorgeous to swim as the moon rose in the lavender sky above us. And what a treat to stand looking over the FDR in just a bathing suit! When can you do this?

(By the way, the blurry bits in a few of these photos are from the heavy fences they’ve put up around the pools and over the FDR footbridge…. the pools are shy!)

STATUS: 21 pools down, 16 to go

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