POOL PROJECT: August 31, Yankee Stadium

by elizabeth | September 3rd, 2010

You could easily miss Mullaly Park. I asked the subway ticket booth operator how to get there, and he’d never heard of it. “Ask the cops downstairs,” he said, and sure enough, they pointed me straight there.

The Highbridge section of the Bronx is a bit more well-known for a little sports venue called Yankee Stadium. The McDonald’s just under the 4 train station has an outdoor seating area filled with concrete tables and blue-and-white-striped umbrellas. No one looks askance if your finger is a bit long and made of foam.

But Mullaly Park is named for one of the gentlemen who made it possible, in 1881, for the city to envision and plan for green space as the population of the South Bronx grew. It’s a pretty park, and on the hot afternoon I visited, filled with people riding BMX bikes in the skate park (not a helmet in sight!), playing basketball, or just enjoying time on benches in Yankee Stadium’s shadow.

The pool itself is small, and I had to wait to get in. It was jam-packed with people – probably the 180 it has capacity for – and every single one of them appeared to be screaming. It was like a middle school lunch room. In water.

STATUS: 29 down, 6 to go

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elizabeth! is a vocalist, trombonist, and songwriter working in NYC and Los Angeles. Originally from Vermont, she studied neuroscience at Harvard before moving to NYC to play, tour, and record with jazz musicians, indie rockers, pop stars and more. Her new album of original jazzy pop tunes was just released on Canopy Jazz!

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