POOL PROJECT: September 1, Jamaica

by elizabeth | September 7th, 2010

Liberty pool is situated in Detective Keith L. Williams Park, just south of Jamaica’s main business area.

Jamaica’s main drag, Jamaica Avenue, bustles with shoppers and dawdlers alike. English settlers arrived here in 1655, kicking out the Dutch, who had kicked out the Native Americans. Among the many interesting points along this area’s history is the 1930 opening of the world’s first supermarket, King Kullen.

The pool and park are just down the road from York College. I don’t think they have many visitors… but they do have the nicest changing rooms – real bathroom stalls (without the toilet) that close and lock! The temperature of the water was also perfect!

Part of the pool was roped off; when I asked if I could swim there, I was told that the foundation was cracked and no one was allowed in that part of the pool. I’m not sure how much damage I could have done to myself swimming over there…. but so it was. I stayed on the other side and tried not to get hit by splashing youngsters.

STATUS: 31 down, 4 to go

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