Spotlight: Kay Ashley

by elizabeth | June 3rd, 2010

Aside from working on my own music, I’m lucky to work with many great musicians in New York and beyond. I’ll be spotlighting them from time to time here on the blog.

One is the great singer-songwriter Kay Ashley!

Kay Ashley

Kay and I met through the New York Metro Mass Gospel Choir, directed by the amazing David Brown (now directing The Harmony Project in Ohio), back in 2003 or 2004. That choir was a place for both of us to grow our voices, experiences, and most importantly, communities. 140 voices strong, comprised of Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, agnostics, grandmothers, teenagers, people of all races and walks of life, we sang TOGETHER! It was amazing.

I grew to know Kay’s work as she played around New York City. We also had several cover bands together – one called “Miss Priss” (long story) with Jennifer Foster (see photo below), and the other called “Quelles Sauvages” which did all-women folk versions of Pantera, etc. Kay is a riot – she has an abundant laugh and a hug for everyone, and she plays a mean KayZoo!

Above all of this, though, she has a great ear for vocal harmonies and a beautiful sense of melody. Heavily influenced by both Joni Mitchell and Indian classical music, she’s produced a sound all her own. Check her out! She’s now living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

And buy her album “Heliotrope” – it’s beautiful! Produced by Michael Leonhart (of Steely Dan and many others), and featuring yours truly on a few tracks on voice and trombone!

Miss Priss

P.S. Congratulations, Jenn and Wesley!

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elizabeth! is a vocalist, trombonist, and songwriter working in NYC and Los Angeles. Originally from Vermont, she studied neuroscience at Harvard before moving to NYC to play, tour, and record with jazz musicians, indie rockers, pop stars and more. Her new album of original jazzy pop tunes was just released on Canopy Jazz!

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