“Elizabeth’s pleasant, low-key personality, her considerable vocal and instrumental talents, combined with her deep knowledge of music, are matched by her ability to connect with young people and to present materials in a clear and easily understood manner. I have found her to be not only personable, but also professional and reliable. She has delighted in sharing her passion for jazz with young students and has contributed immeasurably to the success of our residency program.”

- Dedi Firestone, Director, Arts Education, Kupferberg Center for the Performing Arts, Queens College, NYC


I believe that everyone can be musical, and that music is a powerful tool for building confidence and developing imagination for all of life’s situations!

I focus on the emotional aspects of musicality – storytelling, conversations, and expression. Just as important as playing or singing the “right” notes is playing them at the right volume, with the right feeling, and with awareness of the other musicians around you. I believe in listening, in singing, and in eye contact. I believe in body movement, and in silence within music. I believe in the instructive power of fun and teamwork, and achieve both through a combination of technical and expressive instruction.


I love working with musicians and non-musicians. You don’t have to have a band program or choir program in place to work with me. Arts education has been cut in so many places, and I am happy to jump in to help out you and/or your students with a package or presentation tailored just for you! No instruments? We can make it work!

  • Workshops for musicians
  • Group lessons
  • Individual coaching
  • Guest performer with your band
  • Concert of my music
  • Lectures/workshops for non-musicians

Appropriate presentations for elementary, middle, and high schools, colleges, community centers, libraries…. or a fun alternative to Powerpoint-filled speeches at your next conference! I’m based in NYC and LA, but travel frequently. Let’s talk about what you’re looking for!



  • Having a conversation: how to improvise
  • Learning the blues: telling a story
  • Ensemble playing: repertoire development and refinement
  • Sectional playing: technique and blend (specializing in brass, choirs)
  • Put it in your body: singing and dancing
  • Why practicing isn’t enough: practical music business tips for making a living
  • Individual coaching in singing, brass playing, improvising, and performance


  • Chicas in charge: leadership skills for girls
  • Women in jazz: role models for a generation
  • How to listen to music
  • Jazz history in 4 songs
  • Having a conversation: how to improvise
  • Learning the blues: telling a story


  • Anyone can sing the blues!
  • Accessing your creativity through improvisation
  • Performance coaching for upcoming events (speeches, presentations, etc.)


Elizabeth Frascoia is a dedicated teacher, committed to helping students gain greater confidence in their lives through music. Since 2005, she has worked with over 7,000 students, ages 5 to 70, both individually and in groups as large as 800 rowdy inner-city high school students. Her favorite topics include improvisation, storytelling, stage presence, jazz history, and band/choir critiques.

She is a regular clinician with the Kupferberg Center of Queens College, and is on the faculty of MUSICWORKS for their programs in NYC and Ecuador. She also teaches private lessons in voice, trombone, and songwriting in person and via Skype, and is on the faculty at the Hollywood Academy of Music in Los Angeles.

Based in New York City and Los Angeles, she has developed a rich career as a freelance vocalist and trombonist, traveling the world with such acts as Michael Bolton, St. Vincent, and Matt Wilson, and appearing on American Idol, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, and Good Morning America. She is originally from Vermont, and is the Director of the Vermont Governor’s Institute on the Arts, an intensive 2-week summer program for 130 interested high school students in a range of artistic disciplines. She has also consulted for Fortune 500 companies with Leadership Technologies.

Elizabeth holds a BA in Psychology from Harvard University, and an MA in Jazz Vocal Performance from Queens College. She is an endorsing artist for Getzen 3508R Custom trombones, a member of the Jazz Education Network, and wears sequins as often as possible!


“elizabeth!’s work with these first graders was impressive. She met with them twice for a half hour each time, played letter and sound games, listened to music and had them decide as a group what animal each piece of music reminded them of and move as each animal. In their final sharing they demonstrate the absolute focus she elicited from them. When the music comes on, they remember on their own what animal the music represents; when the music stops, they pause, ready and attentive for what comes next.” – Artist-in-Residence Coordinator

“At a culminating assembly for the whole school and community, teacher, trombonist, vocalist and songwriter elizabeth! and her students share some of the call and response jazz improvisation work they did together during a weeklong artist residency at a K-8 school in New Hampshire.”


  • “We have been around for 27 years. This is one of the best guest artists we have had!  She invested every single second on campus in building community. Everyone raved! Elizabeth is the best of the best and we plan to have her back again.”  — Kentucky Center Governor’s School for the Arts Director Carrie Nath
  • “elizabeth! appeared as a guest artist with our band and was a hit. She is a fine player and performer, and a consummate professional. Highly recommended!”  – Dr. Dave Kopplin, Cal Poly Pomona Jazz Ensemble
  • “Some of my female students were so impressed by her leadership and her performance on the trombone, that they asked if they could switch their instruments to the trombone.” – G. O. Akindeinde, NYC High School Band Director
  • “…an Artist and Teacher of the highest Quality…knowledgeable, helpful and easy to talk with.” – Chris Dickson, NYC High School Band Director
  • “…a warm, humorous, and patient teacher.” – Laura Vladimirova, Private Student
  • “Elizabeth Frascoia is a dedicated and highly creative music teacher who wants to challenge her students by providing rigorous, creative instruction and supportive mentorship.  I have seen her demonstrate leadership at the Cornelia Connelly Center in and outside of the classroom by pursuing high expectations for herself and the others around her.  ELizabeth demonstrates a command of the Arts, as well as, a repertoire of instructional strategies to present the information.  She has thoughtfully used this repertoire of instructional strategies to respond to the learning differences of the students in her classes.  She inspires her students through her actions and her expectations.  Elizabeth’s professional performance demonstrates a standard of excellence that she willing shares with her students.” — Shalonda Neeley, Cornelia Connelly Center Middle School Principal, NYC
  • “Elizabeth did a great job working with Woodstock Middle School’s beginner trombonists, many of whom were still trying to decide if the trombone was a ‘cool’ enough instrument choice. After hearing Elizabeth play, they needed no more convincing!” – Michael Zsoldos, University of Vermont affiliate artist
  • “She is very good at breaking complicated songs into smaller manageable segments, and then putting it all together in the end. She also pays a lot of attention to the expression and the message of each song that we work on. This made a huge difference in my approach to learning new songs.” – Prashant Kumar, Private Student

  • “Besides being a wonderful trombone player, she is a master teacher and ultimate professional. It is always a treat for my students and me to be able to work with her.” – Walter K. Birkhold, NYC High School Music Coordinator
  • “Elizabeth’s natural rapport with my students was instant and warm, and she was able to keep every single student in the packed room completely engaged. Her visit to our class was one of the highlights of the year, no question!” – Jane Mauchly, San Francisco Private Elementary School ClassroomTeacher
  • “Elizabeth has conducted several clinics with my Jazz Ensemble. She is an excellent musician, and her positive and friendly manner allows her to quickly develop a rapport with my students. Elizabeth identifies specific things that can make the students better as individual players and as an ensemble. She demonstrates proper technique and style, and then works effectively with the band to get results. My students always look forward to a clinic with Elizabeth because they know it will be fun and productive.” – Peter Lustig, NYC High School Band Director
  • “These sessions have been so helpful. My other teacher, my piano teacher, just shows me how to play the notes. I really needed someone to help me with everything else.” – Private Student
  • “What a joy to hear and watch elizabeth play! Music is clearly her oxygen. Her performance with George Colligan was a revelation — I hope they had as much fun as we did!” – Susan Godsey, Oregon Arts Presenter
  • “Elizabeth and Eric set the perfect mood for our holiday party, in addition to being very friendly and responsive to our questions and preferences. I highly recommend them for your event!” — Annie Whalen, Freelancers Union, NYC
  • “The assembly was a big hit among the students and faculty. Kids actually said they had fun (sometimes they sleep!) — so they really enjoyed the interactive aspect.” – Jim Scacalossi, High School Teacher, NYC
  • “Sweet, clear and informative, fun, and great with the kids.” – Rob Diefenbach, Middle School Teacher, NYC
  • “The students were exposed to many new approaches in their musical journey of creativity, cooperation, and collaboration, just to name a few. I know how proud  and accomplished they felt as they performed for the assemblies on Thursday, and that is a memory they will carry with them forever.  As for your dedication and love for what you do, it is so very obvious. It is not easy to come to a strange school, not knowing what you’ll have to work with, and somehow, put together a show in as little three sessions!  I enjoyed it immensely and look forward to working with you in the near future.” – Robert Laucella, Middle School Teacher,  NYC


elizabeth [at] elizabethjazz [dot] com


elizabeth! is a vocalist, trombonist, and songwriter working in NYC and Los Angeles. Originally from Vermont, she studied neuroscience at Harvard before moving to NYC to play, tour, and record with jazz musicians, indie rockers, pop stars and more. Her new album of original jazzy pop tunes was just released on Canopy Jazz!

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